Zones of interest


Beautiful exoticism

  • Heavenly beaches
  • Ecotourism
  • Wild animals
  • Rainforests

The Atlantic tropical beaches of Costa Rica have an unparallelel beauty. Gold, black or white sand with lined coconut trees and exuberant vegetation can be found there. The Punta Uva beach is considered as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches on earth and Salsa Brava one of the best places for surfing. This area, full of rivers, beaches and lakes, is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in the country. We can find here one of the most fadcinating shows performed by nature, the egg-laying of the green turtle. The South Caribbean has different protected areas, like Biological Reserves, National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.

Beautiful beaches and nature in its pure state

  • Limón port city
  • Tortuguero National Park
  • Cahuita National Park
  • Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge
The Atlatic tropical coast of Costa Rica has kilometers of amazing and refresing beaches, beautiful rainforests and excelent oportunities for ecotourism

Central Pacific

Spectacular beaches

  • Water sports
  • Wildlife refuges
  • Tropical forests
  • National Parks

Because it has large coastal touristic towns, Central Pacific is the most atractive area for nature, water sports and beaches lovers, with great oportunities for surfing.
This region has rainy and humid climate characteristics and because of this the beaches and hills are very rich in biodiversity.
This area has wildlife refuges, national parks and biological reserves. In the tropical forests live many animal and plant species, which are protected in several wild areas.

A great combination of beaches, national parks and wildlife refuges.

  • City of Jacó
  • Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge
  • Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Punta Leona Beaches
The most attractive area for beaches, water sports and wildlife lovers.

Central Valley

Cultural and nature tourism

  • Cultural tourism
  • Volcanoes
  • Protected Areas
  • Biological reserves

Situated right at the heart of Costa Rica, this Valley is guarded by mountain ranges and  volcanoes. We can find there the big metropolitan area, San José, that it boasts about an almost perfect weather, excellent museums and fertile hillsides full of coffee plantations. Different protected areas like National Volcanic Parks, National Monuments and wildlife refuges form one of the most emblematic areas of Costa Rica.

Museums, theatres, and cosmopolitan cultural life surrounded by living nature.

  • City of San José
  • National Theatre
  • The best museums of the country (Gold, Jade, Costa Rican Art)
  • Volcán de Poás, Turrialba and Irazú National Parks
The Central Valley is the entrance door to Costa Rica and it has cultural and nature touristic atrattions, like museums, theatres, volcanoes and National Parks.

Northern Pacific

Exuberant beauty

  • Unforgettable beaches
  • Nature reserves
  • Marine activities
  • National Parks

Guanacaste turistic area is a region full of folklore, music, colour and gastronomy. It is one of the most spectacular areas of the country because of the nature reserves, national parks and biological stations.

The beautiful and unforgettable beaches, full of different sand textures with penetrating colours, are unique for sunbathing or swimming. They are special places for snorkeling or scuba diving due to their heavy marine systems, which provide the habitat for a wide range of fishes like sharks, manta rays or clown shrimps.

Buceo, playas y parques nacionales

  • Santa Rosa National Park
  • Rincón De La Vieja National Park
  • Maritza Biology Station
  • Pitilla Biology Station
Sun, surfing and beautiful beaches, this is the best description for this part of the country. Guanacaste has wonderful nature reserves and national parks.

Northern Plains

Biodiversity and thermal relaxation

  • Wildlife refuges
  • Thermal waters
  • Volcanoes
  • National Parks

The Northern Plain of Costa Rica has several protected areas, lakes, lagoons, volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls. Being a rainy area, it has rainforests and fertile plains, nature reserves for water birds, reptiles and mammals, a real sanctuary for wildlife species watchers.
The northern area has several places where you can enjoy the thermal waters that come from the volcanic ducts. Volcan Arenal is one of the most important volcanoes still active. Now turned into a Natural Park, it has a diverse wildlife population and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

From Volcan Tenorio it is possible to walk through the National Park to the Rio Celeste. Close to the Volcan Tenorio you can find thermal waters with dry tropical climate, quite different from the rest of the area, a place of great beauty that has not been classified as Natural Park yet.

Thermal waters and observation of nature

  • Volcán Arenal National Park
  • Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge
  • La Selva Biology Reserve
  • Juan Castro Blanco National Park
Just for enjoying the nature itself and the relaxation with volcanic thermal waters. The Volcán del Arenal National Park is one of the atrattions of this area.

Southern Pacific

Adventure and Nature

  • Adventure tourism
  • National Parks "Heritage of Humanity" and "Biosphere Reserve"
  • Outstanding beauty waterfalls
  • Golden sand beaches

Known as the Wet Pacific, water is the most important factor in this area. Some of the most important rivers are ideal for water sports, like rafting, kayaking or canoeing. The beautiful beaches with golden sand, special for surfing, and the marine waters special for sport fishing are remarkable in the South Pacific.
This area has a huge amount of attractions for the cultural and nature tourism, such as ecotourism, adventure tourism and ethno-tourism activities. Some National Parks declared Human Patrimony and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO can also be found in this area of Costa Rica.

Heritage of Humanity, biodiversity and lonely beaches

  • La Amistad International Park and Biosphere Reserve
  • Corcovado National Park
  • Indigenous Reservations
  • Playa Uvita
Scenic beauty with beaches, mountain areas, valleys and rainforests. It is worth highlighting the presence of indigenous peoples in this area.